Island Haïku

This post is a collection of poems I wrote during my first long stay in Iceland. I called them Iceland Haïku even though they do not respect the traditional Haïku rhythm. These poems mostly juxtapose two images or ideas and are cut by a kind of verbal punctuation which shows how the two images are related to each other.

A boat passes the golden channel

the sun is kissing the sea

my hands are open


A plane disappears in the brightblue sky

the flavour of sweet flowers caresses the air

sun in the face


Mount Esja is purple

icebar hot rock steak

the pink parasols are closed


At the very end of sea appears a glacier

the cruiser leaves his smokeline

breath in breath out


Warm water over golden shimmering feet

beneath darkgreen seaweed

and screaming birds above


A shadow of the rainbow is shimmering on the wall

the deep sound of water falling

spume in my face


The mountains left and right

I can’t see the ground

dark warm water floating under my breast


Me and my loneliness

walking along the cold blue fjord

and the wind is singing


The mountain says forever

below the profound sea

above the bright stringent sky


Harsh wind dries immediately

my tears and the rain

the clouds meet the mountain


Suddenly it feels like novemver

since the fog came from the mountain

the sea is covered in a tight white


Ein goldener Tropfen fällt aus der Wolkendecke

in den blauen Ozean und bildet einen roten Weg

im Wellenrauschen tauchen Vögel tief

written in july 2009 during a residency at SIM, Reykjavík