Introduction to Everything

I'm a snowflake

I'm a rainbow

I'm a sunray in july

I'm a summit

I'm a jump

And I'm a why

I'm a french

And I'm a Mensch

I'm between and I'm outside

I'm a lover and creator

I'm the wave you want to ride

I'm a shy boy

And a wild girl or the other way around

I'm the question

And the answer

And the mother of a thousand babies

I'm a pink

and I'm an icecube

I'm a witch

And I'm a feather

I'm the bosom

In the desert of your night

I'm your lost way in the forest

I'm the surprise on your line

I'm the point in your perspective

And I'm a tear clear like blue sky

I'm a friend

But not a fool

I'm a seeress into your eyes

And the sun about to rise

I'm the quietness in your mornings

I'm the void filling your days

I'm a time

And I'm a moment

I'm the echo of your trace

I'm a juice

And I'm a gift

I'm the soft wind on your skin

I'm the space within your nights

And the frequency you for cry

I'm a song and I'm a motion

I'm the hand you wish to grasp

I'm a dancing laugh in may

And the journey to your vast

I'm the power in your breast

And the melody to your side

I'm your desire without rest

And the face you trying to hide

I'm a healer

I'm wound

And the diamond in your mouth

I'm a leo I'm a rat

And the love you never shared

I'm the path you never took

While I read you like a book

I'm the end

And I'm the change

I Am